A small benchmark util for Scala continued

Extending the benchmark Note: This is a follow-up post of a previous post. You might want to read the first to get a simpler view of the extensions added here. One improvement I wanted to add to the previous benchmark util was monitors which generate statistics for the task being benchmarked. I chose traits for… Continue reading A small benchmark util for Scala continued

A simple non-static logger for Scala

Overview Here’s an idea for a logger that doesn’t rely on it being shared statically. Initialization is done using implicits, which results in less typing when using the actual classes that mixin the Loggable trait. Any object created within such classes will also get access to these implicits. This lets the implicit arguments propagate forward… Continue reading A simple non-static logger for Scala

Multiple Inheritance in Javascript

Notice Javascript does not support multiple inheritance, so the given method will break the instanceof operator! Javascript checks inheritance by traversing the linked list prototype.__proto__ for occurences of the requested prototype. This means that one prototype can only contain one reference to another prototype and in effect only inherit from one prototype. By discarding support… Continue reading Multiple Inheritance in Javascript