Preparing pdf-documents for the ebook reader


Getting the best resolution for pdf-documents on the an ebook reader like kindle isn’t always easy, but there’s a great program available for “trimming” your pdfs.

With the Java-based open-source software Briss, you can remove unnecessary margins by cropping the even and odd pages of a pdf-document. The end-result is a pdf-document that better utilize the screenspace of the kindle, and hence bigger fonts to read. Results may vary though as it seems the kindle software does a little bit of optimization itself.

Note: There’s no direct installer or execution but you can create a shortcut yourself for running the program using ‘java -jar briss-x.y.z.jar’, where x.y.z refer to your downloaded version. It’s also assumed that Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed on your system.

PDF Split and Merge

Jumping around pdf-documents on the Kindle can be a bit cumbersome. With PDF-SaM you can split up large documents into chapters etc. for quicker browsing. This tool is also based on Java and thus requires the Java JRE.


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