A few talks and lectures


Rich Hickey on Are We There Yet?

  • How to think about immutability and time.
  • Presents some solutions with these restrictions in mind.
  • Time-varying data.

Alan Kay on Graphical User Interfaces

  • History of graphical user interfaces.
  • Explore and discover new paradigms.

Bret Victor on Inventing on Principle

  • Identify restrictions held by convention.
  • Prefer visual representations that can be manipulated.
  • Integrate text with ui.


Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman gives lectures for Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  • These age-old lectures can still teach you a thing or two.
  • Founded on Lambda Calculus, you’re gradually introduced to programming language paradigms and concepts many of todays languages, like C++11 and Java 8, just recently introduced (or will).
  • All lectures are engagingly taught.

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