Deep Pocket Layout – tree-based UI layout

Overall idea The Deep Pocket Layout is a specialized tree data-structure for use in non-overlapping layout of widgets. This data-structure can be used for partitioning screen-space, like the quadtree or kd-tree data-structures, and uses the naming conventions of border layout. In usage, it functions as a tree of either vertically or horizontally linked partitions. Much… Continue reading Deep Pocket Layout – tree-based UI layout

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Code documentation for Javascript and Actionscript 3

Prerequisites for Actionscript documentation Flex 2 SDK Prerequisites for Javascript documentation JSDoc For Windows users: ActivePerl HTML::Template – Perl module required by JSDoc For Windows users: Microsoft NMAKE – Build utility required by ActivePerl to install HTML::Template Actionscript 3 Code Documentation Example documentation: Extracting the documentation from the sourcecode: Javascript Code Documentation Example documentation: Extracting… Continue reading Code documentation for Javascript and Actionscript 3

Multiple Inheritance in Javascript

Notice Javascript does not support multiple inheritance, so the given method will break the instanceof operator! Javascript checks inheritance by traversing the linked list prototype.__proto__ for occurences of the requested prototype. This means that one prototype can only contain one reference to another prototype and in effect only inherit from one prototype. By discarding support… Continue reading Multiple Inheritance in Javascript

Associative Arrays in Javascript

Introduction The associative array (also known as hash map) is similar to the ordinary array. Instead of indexing by integers, the associative array uses string keys. It also lacks the bookkeeping abilities of the ordinary array like sort(), splice() etc. In Javascript every object has the ability to act as an associative array. Creating an… Continue reading Associative Arrays in Javascript

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