A few talks and lectures

Talks Rich Hickey on Are We There Yet? How to think about immutability and time. Presents some solutions with these restrictions in mind. Time-varying data. Alan Kay on Graphical User Interfaces History of graphical user interfaces. Explore and discover new paradigms. Bret Victor on Inventing on Principle Identify restrictions held by convention. Prefer visual representations […]

A compact UI layout for tag-based search

I’ve always been impressed by tags as a way to do search and have been looking to make use of them myself. In my application my initial design for categorizing items was based on the familiar directory-structure, but this presented several problems in relation to search. I needed a more efficient way of locating items […]

Learning Scala

Learning the basics The first edition of Programming in Scala has been made available in html on Artima.com. It’s a great book to learn Scala from if you’re interested in learning this language. I should note that this book assumes you are already familiar with at least some programming languages like Java or C/C++. Expect […]

Profiling performance in Scala

Boxing and unboxing of primitive types Using primitive types in parameterized generic classes can lead to some performance degradation in Scala. Type parameters in generic classes cannot be resolved as primitive types and instead becomes Object references. This mean primitive types like Int or Float in type parameters must be converted to and from an […]